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Executive Summary


In August 2009, Mr. Eric Davis, president of Michigan Aqua-Tech Inc., authorized
Dr. Gary L. Clark’s fall semester Advertising Strategies 335 class at Saginaw Valley State University to conduct homeowner, plumber and real estate questionnaire to provide Michigan Aqua-Tech Inc. with the following:

1. .

Research Objectives

The purpose of the Marketing 335 Fall 2009 project is to provide Mr. Eric Davis with quantitative and qualitative results of our collected data to inform our client on the wants, advertising strategies, and demands for the Water Master. After collecting our data we then analyzed it to determine the wants and demand for homeowners, businesses, and landlords to have a Water Master installed. As stated in the Monday, January 12, 2009 Letter of Authorization from Mr. Eric Davis to Dr. Gary L. Clark, the research objective for the project was:

1. Determine an advertising strategy for .the Water Master. 2. The demand for the Water Master.

Later objectives include:

1. Research the necessary permits needed to open up a nightclub in the Saginaw area. 2. Research the necessary licenses needed to open up a nightclub in the Saginaw area. 3. Research the parking lot regulations for the capacity of the venue. 4. Find prospect locations for the venue to be located. 5. Create a club design and layout. 6. Create a list of nightclub features that attracts the demand of nearby consumers.

Methodology of Research Studies

During the Winter 2009 semester, the Marketing Principles 331 class conducted the following research studies:


1. Data Collection Instrument (DCI) Survey Report
An online survey containing 29 questions was posted at and sent out to Saginaw Valley State University students the week of February 23rd, 2009 to measure the demand for an upscale nightclub in Saginaw. 2. Client DCI Report
Each Marketing Principles 331 student drafted a list of questions about the proposed nightclub prior to becoming familiar with Lotown Productions. The questions were compiled and submitted to Mr. Mike L. Crawford, President of Lotown Productions, and Dr. Gary L. Clark to answer.

3. Mystery Shopper Survey The Marketing Principles 331Mystery Shopper sub team created a printed survey to gather specific information about products and services of established nightclubs. Students in the class were asked to visit a nightclub and then complete the survey. The Mystery Shopper team then reviewed and analyzed the feedback and created a quantitative and qualitative report on the data.

Analyzing Local Competition:

1. Competitor Analysis Matrix (CAM) Local and National competitors’ of Lotown Productions were researched and observed to see what features should be incorporated in developing a new nightclub. It will allow for the development of the new nightclub to offer services of that are successful in potential competitors.

2. Website Analysis Matrix (WAM) Competitors’ websites were analyzed and compared to determine applicable information included on websites in the nightclub business. The will allow for Mr. Crawford to have better knowledge about what the website for his nightclub should feature.

Research External Sources: 1. Literature Review 2. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (S.W.O.T) Analysis 3. Recommendations made by Team 5 4. (Real State Website) 5. Website

Mission Statement for Lotown Productions

As a group we developed the proposed mission statement for Lotown Productions upscale nightclub:

“From the front door to the back door, there is an interior design that lets clientele know what the owner is trying to portray. Everything offered in the nightclub is sending a powerful message as well as you sending powerful messages.”

We are committed to: