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Operations functions in an organization are understood under the operations management. Operations management is the process of managing the activities and the resources that are utilized in the production of goods and services (Heizer & Render, 2006). The resources usually comprise of the human labor, materials, information and technology and sometimes are wider than these. In this essay, we focus on G4S Security Company.
Purpose and services of G4S Security Company.
G4S is a leading global security company. They provide specialized security solutions, products, and services. G4S also provide social and financial services. They offer secure solutions to businesses that provide a range of services to both commercial and government agencies e.g. security consultancy services, gadgets like CCTV cameras. Secondly, G4S provides care and justice services. They offer highly specialized justice services to governments and government agencies throughout the world. Finally, they also provide cash solutions to other organizations. They provide cash services to how businesses manage their finances especially to retailers and stores. They manage money on behalf of their customers e.g. services like cash transportation and securing high cash areas like banks. Offering consultancy services to banks on the general management of their money. ATMs management is part of their services.
Operations Functions at G4S.
The operations functions at G4S is available at various operations management levels. These functions are dependent on the services they offer. First, the organization provides firefighting solutions. The fire site coordinator is operations manager and is responsible for the administration, supervising works. They plan, organize, direct and implement fire prevention to reduce the loss of life and property. Operations functions are in every department; the department of cash management has the coordinators who manage the resources and the people who perform the duties. The activities that take place in operations functions are the planning, coordinating, organizing, planning and executing rescue activities (Slack, Chambers & Johnston,