Facebook and Information Essay

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When new student, who will study and live in Aberystwyth for a relative long period, just arrive at Aberystwyth, they would face challenges of various aspects: accommodation, study schedule, find job and etc. Our group considered one of these challenges, travel and adventure in leisure life, which possesses of large informative and time consuming characteristics. As we all seen, searching information of travel is a quite tiring task for students who still dealt with a set of study and live information in Aberystwyth. On the other side, the phenomenon of young people recording and sharing information online, like Tripadvisor, Facebook, has drawn our attention and considered a mean of information sharing which is designed exclusively to Aberystwyth students.

According to observe current development of online technologies, Information and communication online service have brought many impact on people’s daily life. Before several years ago, major tourism online services were provided by official companies or organizations. But this situation has changed with development of social communication media, like facebook, twitter and etc. which create an extent to participation of end users (Shih, 2009). With characteristics of easiness to operate and regulate, skill-less users can create information sharing platform with aim of offering personalized information to a certain people group or other various objects. Base on this, no matter for us or new student, current social media is easy to operate and that help us to offer student-for-student services.

Based on such technology-supporting, the platform created by us, Facebook, contains routes that we recommended, tips derived from various real experiences and real-time official information, and some introductory video about Aberystwyth. However, these conditions do not enough to offer useful information to new students who are the group that this platform serves for. Thus next factor is seen as another important role in the project: