Explain the Ethical Issues a Business Needs to Consider in Its Operational Activities Essay

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By Syriah Grossett
Unit 37 P1

Task 1 (P1) Explain the ethical issues a business needs to consider in its operational activities

What does business ethics mean?
Business ethics is a form of applied ethics it deals with ethical rules and principles within a business or commercial context, the various moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business setting, and any special ethical duties or obligations that apply to people who are engaged in commerce, including workers and managers, customers and suppliers, and the larger group of people who have some interest in the business.

Ethical issues affect all businesses, if a particular business is becoming a victim of bad ethical problems it could close down because the public
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Tesco’s policy on diversity says “We are committed to ensuring that at all times and in every aspect of employment, including recruitment, training and development, everybody receives the same treatment. Both internal and external applicants are considered on individual ability, regardless of factors such as gender, age, color, creed, race, ethnic origin, disability, marital status, religion or belief, trade union membership or sexual preference and orientation.”
This policy shows that all different types of people are welcome at Tesco’s and that they are treated equally, but this policy could be adapted in a way to provide a form of a language school teaching International employees English. This would break language barriers and improve the performance and efficiency of employees.

Waste packaging from supermarkets creates an environmental issue, this is because Tesco’s are opening more and more stores across the country but this also means that the packaging waste from the products rises also. This can be seen to be acting in an unethical manner in the customer’s and the community’s eyes for the well-being of the environment. Tesco’s have formed a variety of policies to tackle these issues by introducing bio-degradable packaging, and re-cycling schemes “Tesco is committed to minimising the amount of waste