Explain the Sequence and Rate of Physical Development from Birth to 19 Years Essay

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Unit 6 Assessment Criteria 1.1

Explain the sequence and rate of development from birth to 19 years.

Physical Development:

Gross motor control: 0 – 3 years

1 month: Head droops if unsupported Pulled to sit, head lags Lies with head to one side Large jerky movements of limbs Arms active Turns head from cheek to cheek when on tummy Lifts head momentarily when on tummy
Lifts head (bobbing) when held in vertical at shoulder
Kicks legs rhythmically 2-3 cycles when on back
Looks at faces and objects

3 mths. Head held erect for a few moments before falling forward Pulled to sit, a little head lag Lies with head in midline Movements smoother and continuous Kicks vigorously,
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Early pincher grip – picks up small objects with finger and thumb
Deliberately releases objects by dropping them
Bangs 2 blocks together and starting to clap hands together
Voluntarily releases objects
Takes cube out of cup/container
Points/probes with index finger
Grabs small