The Joy Of Stress

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The Joy of Stress A little stress is not always a bad thing, in fact sometimes we thrive on a little anxiety. Anxiety can be addictive. People can become accustomed and comfortable with a little stress. The author points out that without stress life is somewhat boring and dull. When someone is not worried about something they are not motivated to do anything. It has been proven by Harvard scientists that moderate stress levels can improve one’s performance at a given task. Anxiety causes you become more imaginative and creates a heightened sense of awareness. We tend to focus on things we are nervous about. The author uses insomnia as an example of stress increasing senses and heightening awareness. Insomniacs are often very stressed and wish they could sleep, but the author points out that often times, insomniacs do some very deep thinking while awake late at night. The author mentions that although people wish they were not stressed out, they would have nothing to do with themselves if they weren’t stressed. The author did a great job at delivering the point that a little stress can be good for you. By doing this, the author successfully achieved her purpose of informing the reader on the wonders of a little anxiety. The stress is part of who you are, and without it you are not the same. The author uses scientific facts and studies to prove her point. Most people would question what is proven by science, especially mentioning Harvard scientist, since Harvard is a