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Are we losing the art of face to face communication?
Technology over the years has become very powerful and it is absolutely taking over rapidly, where some folks can’t even keep it up. We sometimes get so caught up in technology that we tend to forget that having face to face contact is actually very important. I believe that throughout the years, modern technology has been very beneficial but it also brings disadvantages to society. It feels as if sometimes technology separates people from reality.
Technology is sometimes a way people hide themselves from who they really are to act like a person they want to be. It’s a way they can express themselves fully without being shy to state something because they are hiding behind the web, phone, and etc. Technology now can help someone find their partner to make a life together. There are many dating sites that let others meet and start to have feelings for each other without even being face to face once. Now this can be good or bad. It can be good because at least the person that is falling for you is falling for your personality and not your physical appearance. “I first met my wife online, at Match.com. So I do recommend online dating, particularly for shy people.” (said Peter from eharmony.com). It can be bad because many people aren’t who they are set out to be in these dating sites and that can become a little dangerous itself. “I knew someone who ended up being recruited for a cult by a guy she met online. Another one lost everything she had to a handsome "bad boy" guy on the other coast who claimed he was a guitarist in a band.”
There has been much cyber bully in this era because of technology. Many kids have given up their own life because people using technology have used it in a wrong way to harm others. That is when technology becomes an enemy or dangerous. Our technology is so strong that people can even change a whole picture to another and make it seem like it was never changed or touched. For example, a young teenager being bullied at school takes a normal full body picture of herself and the person that always bullies her can change it up and make the picture look like it was a nude picture of her from the start and make it look so real that you would be a fool not to believe it. That one picture can go all around the school and cause that poor young teenager to become so depress and humiliated that it can make her want to give her life and make her commit suicide.
Of course technology has many positive things about it. We can interact with family members that are far from home and even now video chat with them and it almost feels like they are right there. A little girl can video