Facilitation Reflection

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Consistently introduced myself by first and last name and explained my role at GTIL to all clients and members of the healthcare team. I was always on time and prepared for all clinical and class sessions. Demonstrated accountability when I sought out assistance from another healthcare team member when faced with a situation where I could not safely complete the task independently. Specifically, a client asked me to assist in the removal of his jacket, I attempted own my own, but quickly realized that for the safety of the client, and myself, I needed an attendant’s assistance. Advocated for my client when I shared my knowledge regarding proper hand hygiene with his attendants. Ensured practice was consistent with standards
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Shared knowledge learned from clinical placement at GTIL with clinical group colleagues during my facilitation on November 5, 2015. Invested time, effort and other resources to improve knowledge, skills and judgment. Completed numerous hours of independent research into the physical disabilities community, in order to facilitate my clients in goal achievement. Engaged in an independently designed learning process to enhance my clinical practice. Participated in reflective practice; completing a self-assessment, two reflective papers on clinical experiences, and a reflection of my facilitation. The facilitation reflection included the peer feedback regarding strengths and weakness of my facilitation and ways to improve for the winter facilitation.

Demonstrated ethical practice by obtaining informed consent from all those who participated in my nursing research (needs assessment questionnaire). Prior to the completion of each questionnaire informed consent was obtained from each client; evidenced by the client signing an informed consent document. The informed consent document (which I created specifically for this questionnaire) included all the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding participation. The document included: o Information pertaining to my role as a BScN student and an explanation on why the client was selected to participate in the questionnaire o Purpose of the