Factors of Career Choice Essay examples

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career choice

1. Introduction 1.1 Role 1.2 Objective and Subjective Constraints 1.3 Key Theories of Occupational Choice 1.3.1 Developmental Theory 1.3.2 Structural Theory 1.3.3 RIASEC Model

2. Factors of Occupational Choice 2.1 Family and Class 2.2 Neighbourhood and Peer Group 2.3 School and Education 2.4 Race 2.5 Gender 2.5.1 Horizontal and Vertical Segregation 2.5.2 Pay 2.5.3 Hours Worked 2.5.4 Orientations to Work

3. Solution of Constraints and Obstacles to Occupational Choices

4. Conclusion

5. References

1. Introduction

“The occupational choice debate is concerned with the degree of choice individuals
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2.1 Family and Class

When the children at the age of 6-17, which is in the stage of fantasy choice and tentative choice, they depend on their parents mostly. Thus, the patents’ expectations for educational achievement, beliefs and behaviors will affect the children’s future development. The Parent Socialization Model developed by Eccles and colleague (1982) has highlighted the important role parents play in the development of children’s achievement choices. The belief of parents “will then influence parenting behaviors and expectations, which, in turn, will affect child outcomes such as educational and career choices.” (Jacobs, J.E., Chhin C.S. and Bleeker M.M. 2006)

Moreover, as the family background of a person on his or her ascribed role cannot be changed, family network and status also play important role on occupational choice. “The structure of a family an individual faced when he or she was growing up may affect the individual’s social skills and lead to human capital investments” and “parental education appears to have an indirect effect on children’s occupational status through children’s education.” (Tsukahara, I. 2007) Grieco (1987) shows “how this can be helpful both to the employee, who gains support from family members both inside and outside work and