Fahrenheit 451 Montag Analysis

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Montag lives in a world where there is nothing but chaos and stupidity. The chaos stems from the government setting hardly any rules. The stupidity comes from the lack of rules and never being taught basic schooling. The stupidity also leads to chaos, but I think this all stems from the biggest problem. I think the biggest problem in Montag's Society is the rules that were put in place in montag's society. I dont think all of the rules in montag's society are wrong, but there are many problems that need to be changed. Some of the unsmart rules include driving and books. When citizens are driving in montag's society there is no speed limits. This causes wrecks and some people hit pedestrians on purpose when they are driving just for fun. This causes dead people and when people die there are no funerals, people are just burned as soon as they die. Since people don't get in trouble for killing people while driving , citizens kill any pedestrian when they get a chance. Since pedestrians usually get killed if they are walking , many citizens stopped taking walks which caused few human interactions and a high rate of suicide. The government set this rule because people were mad at …show more content…
The government banned books and banned people from reading, except for the fireman's manuel and a few other things. Since the government banned books many people hid their books. The firemen got a mechanical hound that can detect books in houses. When the hound finds a house with books in it alerts the firemen and they burn the house and the person who owned the books goes off to jail. This causes people to be afraid of possessing books , and it just draws people closer to their tv screens. This also causes people to have less emotions, and it causes a high suicide rate. The reason that the government got rid of books in the first place is because it caused people to feel emotions that they didn't like, so books got