Family and Angels Essay

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English 100


I believe in angels. In different times in my life I have always felt a sense of protection of some sort. Like someone had saved me that day. Or that someone or something was watching over me. There was a time in my life I just knew something bad was going to happen or that things were about to get worse. Yet it didn’t and that’s why I believe in angels. Not just any angels but my own personal angels. Some people may believe that angels are mystical creators, or that they do not exist at all. I believe angels are my loved ones that have passed on to some other form. Like as if my loved ones who are now angels are watching over me every day. When I was younger I use to sit with my grandmother and she would tell me stories. She would tell me how angels watch over us when we sleep. Also, how they would protect us throughout the day. I loved my grandmothers stories they always made me feel special. She would also tell me to be very careful of strangers and strange vehicles. That some people like to take children that are not there’s. When I was about six or seven my grandma passed away. Yet, I always kept her stories alive in my head.

One day I was walking in my neighborhood and I noticed a man and a woman that kept driving passed me in the same car back and forth, back and forth. I thought to myself, my grandma told me about cars like this once before. After the third time the car passed, the car stopped right next to me and the woman inside the car asked me “hey you come over here. I did not move from where I was standing and replied yes ma’am. The woman said “hurry hurry you must get in the car your mother and father were in a serious car accident”. I was so scared I thought man my parents are hurt I was so sad and almost started to cry. When all of a sudden I had a