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Canchola 1
Alfredo Canchola
Professor Cadena
English 116
18 February 2015
My Lovely Aunts It was a slow Sunday afternoon at my grandparent’s home, where the whole family gathers up to spend time. We would eat, socialize or be on our phones not socializing. At the end of my grandma’s house I saw my Aunt Claudia, my mom and my Aunt Adriana, sitting at the kitchen table, arguing about the countless disputes they are fed up with within the family. Those disputes were whether how my Aunt Claudia gossips about our family, or her husband’s; or how my Aunt Adriana assumes everything my Aunt Claudia does is because she is narcissistic. My mother tries to fix these disputes between my two aunts, but cannot resolve them correctly, and turns to her eldest son for advice.
Although my two aunts have their problems with each other, they are not hostile all of the time. My Aunt Claudia is a mid-forties, house wife, catholic enthusiast woman who puts others people’s ideas and opinions down, because she believes the Catholic Church has taught her from right and wrong. My Aunt Adriana is also a mid-forties woman, but is a hard working wife who supports my uncle and cousins. She is not a shy person, but judges people based on assumptions she makes and tends to be very quiet.

Canchola 2 My Aunt Adrian is shy around my Aunt Claudia and never dares to speak a word when she is present. She makes assumptions and talks behind her back as well when she is not present. I love both my aunts, but I feel hey have to analyze their errors and ask why they do what they do. Reinforcing their problem with negative criticism only hurts them, so I analyze their errors and problems with constructive criticism rather than negative criticism.
My Aunt Claudia broke the first agreement, by being a mitote and being impeccable with her word. She is this because she goes from friend to friend gossiping about misheard information or lies. Three months ago when I visited her house, she was speaking with my uncle about her friends. As she kept going on and on about how her friends kids doing drugs, she exclaimed profoundly that these kids are a bad example fore her kids, and hoe God does not permit the use of hallucinogens. She also likes to talk badly about my Uncle Alex’s family and how they should improve their life with god. To make matters even worse she never actually has the courage to try to ask questions about the Bremer or us. She never speaks her word for truth or love.
Nonetheless my Aunt Adriana broke the third agreement by assuming everything and does not ask questions and facing the miscommunication. She assumes what my Aunt Claudia does is because of her own self-benefits, to make her self feel better. Sometimes she feels my tia Claudia is narcissistic, but she is also hurting herself by not asking her questions as to why she does this. Three months ago at another family meeting, all the grown ups were talking to my Aunt Claudia about another problem, while my tia Adrian stayed quiet the whole time. It was not until later that day that she started judging my Aunt Claudia

Canchola 3
Things were not always like this, it escalated to these problems of course but they were calmer and quitter before. The whole family is happier on holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving. Five years ago, Christmas time same scenario at my Grandma’s old house, everyone was laughing and having a good time. We talked about positive things, like how we achieved this, or got this high