Essay on Family and Celebrates Certain Occasions

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All families celebrates certain occasions differently weather it’s for holidays, birthdays, or anything else. It’s all about what brings a family together and sharing good times. In a story called “A partial remembrance of a Puerto Rican woman” this same idea happens it begins with the grandmother telling her story about a marriage situation in marriage and how it felt. They mostly complained and talk about how their husbands are never home and how there really unreliable. The mother then goes on and eventually tells them to never trust men. But no matter how much they complained about the materialistic things they all had one thing in common a family bondage. No matter how many hardships you go through and the struggles you may face your family will always be by your side no matter what.

I have a Hispanic background, and as many people may have known Hispanic people are known for celebrating almost anything so I have a couple of traditions to share. My mother is from a country in Central America called Honduras. We all have a reunion at beach resort close to where my mother used to be. The waters are as clear as the eye can see and the view of the mountains almost seems as if it’s an unrealistic screen saver on your computer. We all go to catch up, we all sit at a table and take turns talking about what happened that previous year and how everything has been (mind you there are 26 of us and it does take some time). My mother often is sad because as much as she would wish my grandpa would be there, she knows he is happy that we are all reuniting again for him. Me and my mother for my grandpas birthday we light a candle and pray to him we all miss him very much I didn’t really get to know him that well but he is family and I do wish I was around when he was. Another tradition we