Family and Good Idea Essay example

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Dear mom and dad if you are reading this than I have died. I died from a car crash; everybody was drunk in the car. For some reason we all thought it was a good idea to drink and drive. Now I wanted to accomplish 3 goals before I died but could not. Goal A is I wanted to start my own car detailing business and be very successful with it. Goal B is I wanted to own 150’ yacht and send lots of time on it and explore the world. Goal C is that I wanted to start a family and have three beautiful children and teach them all I know and send all the time in the world with them but I have ruined the ability to have that time. Now I want to bring the four people in my family that will miss me the most. First my dad he said he will miss getting up and seeing me in the morning and seeing me and he said he will also miss spending time with me and doing fun stuff. My mom will miss me also. She will miss her loveable caring son and also miss all the things I do to help. My oldest sister Sara will miss having a brother to fool around with when she thinks I’m stronger than her. She will also miss having a brother to just talk too. And my little sister Julia will miss me as well; she says she will miss having a brother for having fun fights and someone to just laugh with. I just want to say you guys told me never to drink and drive I do listen but there is so much pressure and I was so drunk that I had self confidence and thought I would be fine. I love you guys so much and I’m sorry.