Family and Justin Essay

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Some of the major sources of stress that took on the family is first Frank who is the head of the household. He was a former boxer who lost a fight and lost his part time job as a construction job carrying bricks. Some of the stressors on Angie who is the wife is she poor and homeless. The stress on Justin who is the son is he doesn’t have his real father in his life and he considers his father but they have some disagreements about things. The stress on Christina who is the daughter is she’s sick and has been for three days. The effects of stress on Frank are he just lost a fight as a boxer and then comes home and gets evicted. Frank and his family have to be out in 2 hours. Then he gets a job as a construction worker and he only gets paid $75 dollars a day but one day he drops some bricks and then gets $50 dollars and then he’s gets fired. Then Frank and his family move into a shelter and then Frank go to look for a job and he brings Justin with him. Frank then gets a surprise he gets informed that he can get an apartment but then it fails because he doesn’t have a job and he has until 6pm to look for a job. Also Frank can’t read and has to have Justin read things for him. Frank finally gets hired on the spot as a painter but he loses it after being there for 2 hours, the supervisor ran a background check on him and found felony charges on his record. Frank and his family have a lot of stressors in his life. Frank and his family have chronic stress at first because they have to deal with their lights getting cut off and then being evicted and at that their poor and Movie Reaction Paper 3 have to live in shelters. Frank also has ambient stress, he’s living a terrible environment with random people who are also homeless and he also has security issues when he first moved into the shelter he catches an older man talking to his daughter Christina. Justin who is the son is has acute stress, he seems a