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Guardian Angel
Throughout my life there has been a certain story that has been told to me ever since I was born and has molded me into the person that I am today. It changed my beliefs, the way I look at life, and the way that I look at the people who mean the most to me. A story like this doesn’t happen to everyone, it’s a once in a lifetime experience, and my family changed for the better.
Even though my family considered themselves as catholics, they never made the time to go to church or even learn about their own religion. My mother and father were the only ones who took the time to learn and be a part of the Catholic religion. Through the duration of my mother’s pregnancy with me, she had a lot of difficulties. Her faith in having a calm pregnancy was way long gone, and she was more than ready to have me in her arms. Although not having any time or energy to go to church like she did before she became pregnant, she still had her moments where she took a second out of her day to thank God for the blessing she was about to receive. After a long strenuous nine months, my mom was overwhelmed with excitement to have me, as she sat in her hospital suite impatiently waiting. Here and there her assigned nurse would come in, check on her, and cater to her every need. After a few hours my mom began to realize that her nurse hadn’t come into the room to check her like she did the first hour of her stay at the hospital. Something didn’t seem right to my parents, but they decided to be patient; after all they weren’t the only people in the hospital. Subsequently waiting for an hour, a different nurse arrived into the room. Like my mom would tell me, she didn’t look like any ordinary nurse. This adolescent lady had a different exotic look to her. She had captivating, lengthy reddish-brown hair with breathtaking waves and a very light tone to her skin. She had a beautiful complexion, and a smile to remember. She was personable and remarkably sweet. She wore an old version nurses outfit, like the ones you see in the movies. She smelled of a soft baby powder, but my mom thought it was normal since she was a nurse in the maternity ward. Once my mother was taken care of and finally comfortable in her bed, she decided to introduce herself to both my mother, father, and a few family members that were there for support. Her name was Carol. As the time went by she appeared to become more comfortable talking to both of my parents and after a good amount of conversation it turned out that her grandfather had sold his house to my mother’s grandfather. Both my mother and Nurse Carol began sharing stories regarding the house and the rooms they played in. They had a lot in common and my mom realized that Nurse Carol’s grandfather had given her a porcelain clown face as a move-in present. Later, after what seemed like hours of talking, Nurse Carol told my mother she had to step out for a little but would definitely be back. Before walking out of the room, she gave my mother a kiss on the forehead and a blessing by using her hand to create a cross in the air over her. Within minutes after Nurse Carol left, the same nurse as before came back into the room to check my mother’s vitals. When my mom explained Nurse Carol to her, the nurse walked out of the room with a perplexed look on her face to check if