Remembering: Family and Mother Essay

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Piseth SOEUR
February 21, 2013
English 111
Remembering Essay

Calming Down Looking back at my happy day in Cambodia and now trying to explain why living here far away from home and why thing were not going well here. It is happy time to be in Cambodia, hanging out, eating, drinking and do anything as your favorite. The most precious person is my mother. Remembering the good and bad day we have shared together and adopted her good behavior by calming myself down.
Back to the old day I live with my mother, I bet she is the best and loveliest mother in this planet. She is kind, understandable, and helpful. Most of the man likely to love their father rather than their mother because they can share the common thing together as man, but since my father left me when I was 12 years old so the only person I can trust is her.
When I was in grade 6, it was the time when my father passed away because of the Lung Cancer. Losing a great and strongest person in the family that led me to depression, I was not able to focus when I was in class; in addition, a kid in my class teased me about my bald head (it is the culture when one of the family has passed away, the son needs to shave his head to show his gratitude for his family), because of my depression made me mad and had a fight with that kid. My mother was called to meet with the school principle to talk about me fighting with the other students. She calmly sat me down and explained to me with this kind of situation which I had to overcome. She told me to hold back my anger and try to calm yourself down because since my father is