Mother and family Essay

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Growing cities and economy increase led to change the structure of the family and encourage both of the mothers and father to participate in how to grow the family in a better way. As a result of changes women joined the market place resulting in negative and positive effects in a critical group of the society, the family that consist children’s, parents and husband. This essay will evaluate the effect of the increasing participation of women in the workforce on the family, and argues in the positive and negative effect on the family.
The body:
Paragraph one: There are negative effects of working women in the family as following:
• School marks of the children of working mother are lower than the non-worker.
• The Behavior of some children in long time working hour’s effect negatively.
• Emotional and sociological effect on her children
• Raising children will be the careers / child-minders responsibility and some time that will affect the relationship between mother and child.
• Some husband will feel jealous if there wife salary is more than his. (ATI-English course, 2011)

Paragraph two:

Positive effects for workingwomen will list as follow:
• Financial support and stability.
• Mother will be style of her children in the future.
• Parents will be proud if their daughter successes in her work.
• Social active become wider for children and also to mother parents. (Hoffman, 1998, and Anonymous, 2010)


In conclusion the fact of working