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I dont know where to start or if my story can be 2000 words or less but i will try. My story needs to be a book or a movie.God works in mysterious ways a few mins ago,i was thinking of Iyanla Vanzant and i tweeted her,i wanted to know how i could email her my story, im in such desperate need of help,then i went to your page for the co-parenting with your ex. Again kind of scaring, my youngest is 10 and she is currently in Peachford mental Hospital,she has Adhd,ODD and just now being diagnosed with Bipolar,the devil is a Liar. I'm a single mother with 2 other daughters 17 about to graduate hs and 12,year about to be 12. My ex as of yesterday just decided to step and be in my daughters life.He hates me and don't have a parent relationship at all and he lives 30 mins down street.He also has anger issues and we feel bipolar as well but won't get help.My duaughter jaeden has uncontrolable tantrums,closes out everyone and is failling at school,but on the flip she is so smart and very loving little girl.Her father and i split 2 days after she was born and came back together for 2 months when i moved to atlanta from Cleveland Oh,in 2006 he beat me up where my girls walked in and called police,since then they have visited their father a few times a year,he loves them i know he does.but not having a father in his life he doesn't know how to be a father,As for me,my life has been a miracle im still alive today,i was molested from the age 5-12 mother never knew,my stepfather would have killed me and her,and i knew he would,we were prisoners in our own home,i couldn't even look out window,one day i was walking home w the neighborhood boys and he pulled me inside and cute my hair from my behind to a little below my ears,and called me a whore,then made me drive my bike into town to get my hair fixed before my mother came home to only be rejected cause i had lice.When i was 12 i told my mother on my visit to my real dads,i said mom,im not coming back,it killed me,i felt like i was my moms protector and if i left he would hurt or moleste my 2 other sisters that were his own. While i was with my father a few months after i was there he left on tour and i was left w my stepmom who didn't care for me,i started to fail in school,and i had one best friend that i told briefly what happened to me,i could no longer take the pain of being alone and without my mother,One day afterschool i came home and called my friend and told her i loved her,and hung up and i swallowed tons of pills and i went into my dads room grabbed his gun and i was going to pull the trigger i was startled by the door bell and the pounding of the door,by best friend ran from her house up street to mine,i locked myself in bathroom and police came and rushed me to hospital and pumped my