The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Analysis

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
JOURNAL by Nadia

Chapter One I feel bad for Bruno. Clearly his parents are very secretive and don’t seem to want to go into detail about why they have to move. His questions are never answered properly and he just has to go with what little his parents tell him. He asks what kind of job his father will be doing at their new place and his mother avoids specifying and just puts it as, “a very important job.” His dad also seems very strict, with the whole “Out Of Bounds At All Times And No Exceptions” office protocol. He doesn’t even seem to want to confront his own son even though he’s the reason for this whole move. I wonder what his father’s really like. So far, he comes off as a very busy man and that’s all I can say.
Chapter Two
Bruno’s new home seems like a horrible place for a nine year old boy to live in. He’ll probably get awfully bored. I’m still curious to know what his dad’s like. There still hasn’t been any dialogue from him. Bruno’s mother also doesn’t seem like very happy person. Maybe she knows what’s going on around their new place and isn’t happy about it? She probably didn’t want to move either. I’m hoping to find out what’s outside the window. I think it’s the people and the fenced in area. It’s probably just a view of the camp for all the Jewish people.

Chapter Three
The whole window thing is really eerie and how they end the chapters makes me beyond curious. I’m seriously getting impatient with knowing what’s behind the window. I’m pretty sure I’ll find out in the next chapter. It makes sense that they would give Bruno the room with the view of the camp, rather than Gretel, just because Gretel is older and will most likely question it far more. Bruno might not think much of it because he’s younger and isn’t as educated about the bad things in life. Plus, he’s been living in luxury for his whole life.

Chapter Four It’s obviously not farming that’s going on behind that fence. It’s a prison camp set in World War II. Bruno’s dad was probably assigned to this camp. I think Gretel will ask questions to her mother and father. Or maybe she just doesn’t really care? Bruno will probably do some asking. Or maybe his curiosity will lead him to find out some things on his own?

Chapter Five I was shocked to find out that Bruno’s father wasn’t as explosive as I thought he would be. He just seemed straightforward and quiet. But it also seems like everyone knows that they shouldn’t disagree with what he says. He won the argument with Bruno and it didn’t take much for him to win it. Also I’m quite certain that the Fury is Hitler. I did some research and I think Bruno might be mistaking “The Fury” with “The Fuhrer,” which means leader in German.
Chapter Six
Maria’s story about Bruno’s father was very touching but it doesn’t mean he’s a good man. He did a kind thing for Maria and her mother, giving Maria a job to work for him and paying for all of Maria’s mother’s hospital and funeral expenses. But what he’s