Single Mother Essay

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Logan Lynch
Prof Kean
English 121-123
February 4, 2013

Single Parent Mothers A woman is a very strong individual. She has the unfortunate role of having menstrual cycles and bearing the children. Women can also be left alone to raise children on their own. A woman in a single parent situation has to assume all parental roles and responsibilities, and women by their nature are more than capable of meeting these challenges.
Women whom are single parents have to work twice as hard as a two-parent family. They not only have to provide a home and food for their children, they have to make sure the home is a safe environment for the children, but also keep them healthy and happy. She has to work every day to put food on the table and go to the children’s school plays, or sports games, sometimes both. Many times she may have someone to help out with the children, but more often than not, she does not. She may have to pay to send her children to childcare while she is working and attending school. This causes an even larger strain on the mother.
Being both a mother and a father proves its’ challenges. It may be difficult for a mother to go out and teach her son to play football, yet very easy to go buy him a jock strap. It may be simple to go buy her daughter a bra, yet hard to prove how she should be treated by a man. A woman trying to example both roles to her children, experiences hardships that two-parent families are not faced with. She works harder and appreciates any little bit of help she receives more than a mother with the help of the children’s father.
Single mothers can go both ways. Either they are very hard on their children, or they do not care much about what the child is doing, like any family. Some may argue that a single mother can not raise a successful child. One hypothetical example is of a student whom had three younger siblings and no father. Their mother was a very strong willed woman. However, she ran into many hardships. She finished school with the help of her mother. She went on to a very successful career and raised her children to know what it is like to have to work for what you want. One of her children is now working at an excellent career and helping his mother with