Essay on Family and Volleyball Net

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The Perfect Day With the Perfect People
The smell the laughter and the view was all prefect.
July 4th my favorite holiday was coming up. My husband and I decide to have a family barbecue. So we started preparing for it a week before. We first started thinking about what and where we were going to have it. Then we started to think who and how many people were going to come. We decided to invite my parents and my sisters, my brother and my broth-in-law with his kids and wife and my uncle. And decided to have it in a park that we went to a couple of years ago. July 3rd my husband and I went to our favorite store, which was Costco. We had a list full of food for the barbecue like steak, chicken, hotdogs, salad, chips, and drinks. When we stared shopping we didn't know how much stuff we should buy because we never really prepared a meal for that many people. After my husband and I couldn’t figure out the amount of groceries we should get, we called my sister in law because she was an expert in preparing big dinners for the family. A while later she came to Costco and we stared shopping, we ended up with a car full of food for the barbecue. The next morning my husband and I woke up super early. It was so nice and quite out because my kids were still asleep. The sun was up and shinning, it was a perfect day. We then started to marinate and prepare the food. While I was marinating the meat, the spices smelled so good. After we were all done preparing every thing we stared to wake up my kids. Right when I walked in the room all I can see was two angles peacefully asleep. As they started to wake up the house became noisy. I then dressed them while my husband started to load the car with the things we need for the barbecue, while we were getting ready to go to the park where we’re hosting the barbecue. On our way there we stopped by my parents house to grab some things like the volleyball net and some coolers, and some ice for the drinks. After we loaded all the coolers and the volleyball net. We all decided to take one car so we rode my parent’s Mini van because it’s bigger and fits everyone, so we left to the park. As we pull in to the park all I can see are the big tall trees and the sunlight shining through them and the big play ground. The kids were so excited so they ran out of the car and headed to the playground, and started swinging and sliding. My husband and my father started to look for a nice spot for all of us to sit and set up and barbecue. They finally picked a spot that’s under the tall trees in the shade; we all sat down for a little while and enjoyed the nice weather and the sun before the rest of the family came. I could hear all the birds, and bugs around me it was so beautiful. A little while after we all got up and started to move the picnic benches to make a big table because we had so many people coming. As we were setting up all of the picnic tables, my husband and my brother went to the car to grab all of the food. As they were grabbing the stuff I just saw my brothers in law pull up in his green mini van next to our car. All of his boys jump out with excitement. After we were all there we got the grill started and started to stet up the table, we set up all of the salads, chips and drinks to the side of the table and left the middle for the important food. My brother-in-law was the best cook so we had