Family and Young People Essay

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Gemma Maire Turvey
Children & Young People’s workforce
Unit 1 Task 1.4
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How children and young people development is influenced by a range of external factors.

External factors:
What is important is after a child is born this is when they start developing their skills. This could be environmental and external factors.
Poverty and deprivation:
Poverty will affect children and their family in many different ways. How a child is brought up and where they are brought up is very important that they know the difference in right and wrong.
* Diet – If a child has a poor diet it will affect their growth, behaviour and also affect their development. * Housing – Depending on where their child is living this could affect their health and playing opportunities. * Education – If the child doesn’t have many opportunities in their education this could affect their grades and what they can do once they leave school.
Gemma Maire Turvey
Children & Young People’s workforce
Unit 1 Task 1.4 * Play and leisure: if the children don’t have much play area this will affect their physical skills which could slow their development down. * Aspirations and expectations: This could cause lower expectations and also lessen their risk of motivations.
If families have low income this could mean they live in poor housing this could mean they don’t have enough money for heating. If damp is around the house this could affect children’s health. Also over crowded houses could affect the children to play freely and have less attention which means they could misbehave to get some.
If a child comes from a low income family they may not be able to do well in their education as they may not be able to go to the best school and also may not have the opportunities to educational equipment or resources which could include book and internet.
Play and leisure:
Play is a very important part of children life as this will build on their physical and stimulate development. This also happens in leisure when children start to go swimming or joining clubs which could include football or dancing. Families who are on low income may not have transport or be able to afford for their children to take part in these activities.
Aspirations and expectations:
Families who are on low income don’t just affect their children development skills it also affects their lives. This could also affect their overlook of their life. Some parents may become depressed which children can pick up and it could start to affect how they see their life to be. Which could cause children to be less motivated and this will have a huge impact on their development.
Gemma Maire Turvey
Children & Young People’s workforce
Unit 1 Task 1.4
Family environment:
How children develop is influenced from their parent’s environment. Children pick up so much from their parents so it’s important how parents bring them up in the early years of their lives. It’s important as a parent we provide the children with a balanced diet, care, love, comfort and give them the chances to play and socialise with other children. Also its important for parents to help their child and give them support through school and help them with their homework and reading or just talking to them asking what they done at school and how their day was. This will cause a huge impact on children development which could include social and emotional development. Some parents struggle but his will affect the way in which the children develop. Some parents go through depression, drugs and drinking this because some parents cannot cope and by doing this they feel that the parenting role is made easier. Some parents neglect their babies which could cause the younger child in the family to take on the caring role.
Family circumstances:
Many families will suffer from stress this