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Assessment 2: Portfolio of Evidence

Organisation 1:
Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre.
9 George Street
Caboolture QLD 4510
Postal Address:
Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre
PO BOX 1667
Caboolture QLD 4510
Phone: (07) 5495 3818
Fax: (07) 5495 7556
Open from 9am- 4pm Monday –Friday
The Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre offers a wide range of services and programs.
The programs they provide are: * Anger Management * Anger Management for Children, * Counseling, * English Literacy & Numeracy Class, * Parenting Skills, * Play Groups, * 123 Magic & Emotion Course and * For just woman: self-esteem and personal development programs * Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings * ARAFMI QLD Inc * Budgeting / Money Matters * Deaf Society QLD * Health Checks * International Friendship Group * Maori Group * Men Supporting Men Inc * Multicultural Women's Gathering * Play Groups * Sign on - Deaf Services

The support services they offer are: * Community Action for a Multicultural Society * Caboolture Household and Budget Support Service * Relationship Assistance and Family Therapy Service * Community Support Program * Tax Help * Legal Advice

Organisation 2:

Child Youth and Families Health Services.
Community Health Centre
McKean Street Caboolture QLD 4510
Ph: (07) 54338300
Fax: (07) 54338322 * Child Youth and Family Health Services provide information, * Support counselling, * Early intervention and prevention programs, * Developmental assessments for children, young people and families.
They also have groups which are offered for new babies, new parents, introducing solids, 6 months, 12 months and 18 months.
An infant feeding clinic is offered for parents of babies aged 0-4 weeks to support and maintain infant feeding, particularly breast feeding. A telephone information service is available for parents/careers on all aspects of parenting.
Parents may attend the centres to weigh their infant/child through the self-weigh service.
Young parents may attend a Young Parent Support Group which provides parenting information & support, relevant for young people.
The services include child health, school health programs, early intervention and parenting support programs, assessment and therapy provided by a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians.
We also provide Post Natal Support groups for women experiencing post natal depression.

Organisation 3:
Department of Youth Justice. (Morayfield)

10-20 Walkers Road,
Morayfield Qld 4506
Ph: (07) 5428 8300
Youth Justice Services are responsible for supervising young people involved in the Youth Justice system. Youth Justice Staff work with young people and their family to address the factors that contribute to their offending behaviour and encourage young people to build positive connections with their community.
In addition to assisting young people to meet the statutory requirements of their court order, Youth Justice Services engage young people in a range of programs to address the diverse risks and needs present in their lives. The interventions provided to young people involved in the Youth Justice system are across four categories including: * Court orders and bail support * Support services * Offence focussed intervention * Developmental intervention.
Individual Youth Justice Service Centres run many programs aimed at preventing young people from reoffending. These include programs to help young people build connections with their communities, learn about the consequences of their offending and increase their skills and confidence.
Services are delivered through 16 Youth Justice Service Centres across the state. The purpose-built centres are an outcome of the Government's blueprint for implementation of the Crime and Misconduct Commission's recommendations, "Protecting Children: An Inquiry