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Duyen Doan
ESL 900

Final Draft 2: A Perfect Partner

There are many valuable things in life, but finding a perfect partner is impossible. When we first meet someone, it is difficult to know the people we date. While we each seek out a specific person perfect, we would want someone who has certain about physical characteristics, philosophy and behavior that makes the relationship much more likely for lasting success. For me, physical appearances of my perfect partner would be a good- looking guy. He should have broad shoulder to protect and cover me in times of need. He also must be taller than me. I would love a guy who knows to take good care of his appearances and look tidy all the time. Besides that, the guy must be smart and responsible person. He should be caring, romantic, and gentleman. He must be loyal and trustworthy. He has a great personality, is hardworking both at work and at home as needed. He has many friends but knows the difference between family time and friend times. I love the guy who is well educated and have the same religion as me. In addition, education is important because that is what determines our future. Personally I believe in the church of faith, and the importance of being a good human being above all else. If you have a relationship with someone of the same religion, you will match people with the same beliefs. It is significant to be understanding of one another’s thoughts and feelings.
Behavior is a factor important when we have a relationship. It is too difficult to find out a person has a good manner and how to