Essay about Family Oriented Neighborhoods and Senior Communities

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Shequita Mitchell
February 5, 2013
Compare Contrast
Family Oriented Neighborhoods or Senior Communities Home ownership is the American dream. The aroma of steaks being grilled, the sound of children playing outside, and the streets filled with canopy trees, this is what families consider to be a perfect neighborhood. The family oriented neighborhood of Coventry and the senior community of Dove Run offer similar living accommodations and amenities. Therefore, most families prefer Coventry over Dove Run with hopes of living in the perfect neighborhood. First, Coventry and Dove Run offer ample living and outdoor space. For example, Coventry has homes with large rooms, spacious private backyards, and patios for entertaining. Moreover, Dove Run homes also have large rooms, with patios and backyards that are shared with the neighbors. As a result most families prefer Coventry rather than Dove Run due to privacy. Secondly, both neighborhoods are in areas that offer terrific schools. For instance, Journey Prep School which Coventry is zoned for, provides transportation, offers the Cambridge program for students, and has been named one of the top ten schools in the state. Similarly, John Adams School zoned for Dove Run offers an equivalent curriculum for their students, but it is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the school. As a result, families are opting to select the Coventry neighborhood for the convenience of transportation to school. Thirdly, residents of both neighborhoods enjoy a gated community. Specifically, the family oriented Coventry that has a twenty-four- hour guard at the front entrance, which helps reduce traffic, speeding cars, solicitors, and criminal activity. In a like manner, the senior community gates at Dove Run are automatic and can be accessed by nearly anyone. As a result, most families will choose Coventry rather than Dove Run for the safe and sound neighborhood it provides. In contrast, the amenities that are provided are quite distinguishable between Coventry and Dove Run. For instance, Coventry offers a club house, swimming and waddling pool, along with a waterslide, and playgrounds for families. However, Dove Run does not provide amenities for its residents. Therefore, Coventry is the preferred neighborhood because of the vast amount of amenities they offer families. Subsequently, lawn care services between Coventry and Dove Run can be found to be quite different. For example, Specialty Cuts lawn care