Parenting styles Essay

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“Even as kids reach adolescence, they need more than ever for us to watch over them. Adolescence is not about letting go. It's about hanging on during a very bumpy ride”. A family can be a blessing and to others it can be a nightmare. Each family deals with situations in distinctive ways that differs families from one another. There are some families that people call the perfect family, while other families deal with conflict every day. Some conflicts can lead to discipline, mixed emotions, stress on the family, and some conflicts can cause long term affects. Abuse in general is unhealthy for anyone and can cause long-term effects to a person. No one should have to go through any kind of abuse that breaks them. Families are people related by blood or marriage, they are the people who show love to one another and not hatred. Parenting should not involve in any abuse. Families can really lose the sense of love and comfort if a family is under enough stress to cause chaos. Parents are continuously exhausted and stressed from finances and problems at work. They also can get over whelmed of just being parents and taking on the responsibilities of becoming a parent. When people are stressed, it can cause people to lash out against others for minor things. Most families that are stressed are the ones you see that suffer from obesity. When people are under stress they do things without a thought in mind such as, eating when depressed, anger issues, and some even pick up on smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Also stress can actually cause others around one person to stress out also. If parents are stressed than that could cause the minor to feel the need to be stressed out to. Studies have shown that a greater number of obesity kids are living with stressed out parents. Some obese parents will say it’s not true, but only fourteen percent of normal weighted kids say they don’t have a stressful life in the family. When a minor is stressed they deal with it differently. They begin to become disobedient and doing reckless actions. Having a child that is not obeying and is becoming a handful can really test someone’s patience when they are under stress. Their discipline ideas start to change completely and the family starts to fall apart. There are healthier ways of getting rid of stress but, some parents don’t understand that until it’s too late.
Parents use discipline as a way of showing a child what is right or wrong. If I child never witnessed a form of discipline than he or she may not know if they have done something wrong. Some parents can take punishment to a hazardous level. Not everyone parent disciplines a child the same way. Some people use times outs, while others use spankings. Spankings are not bad, unless the parents hits the child in dangerous ways.There are right and wrong disciplines, the right ones require the parent to take away any belonging to the child that the child finds very important. Taking away television privileges is a good way to get their adolescent to do homework. Younger children tend to take a little more patience, so timeouts would be a better method of punishment. All children take patience, but a parent with none, can lead to different disciplines that is now known as abuse. Whether it be physical or emotional abuse, its abuse! Physical punishment can be disguised as physical abuse, some parents start out with a little pat on the butt, than later the beating gets harder because of uncontrolled anger. A parent hitting a child, can be blind to what damage they are causing. It can always cause long term effects, the child can become more aggressive when around the age of five. Sometimes parents end up trying to hurt the child in a different way of pain, like burning. For younger children like babies, there always crying and fussing because they don’t really understand. More and more babies are dying of shaken baby syndrome because parents and babysitters can’t handle the pressure of an