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Kenny Nguyen
English 1A
January 30, 2015 Industries Abuse the American Way of Life
Fast food industries are one of the most active and powerful industries not only in developed countries but soon to be worldwide as well. Because of all the perks that fast food restaurant industry and corporations have to offer, they are abundant and comfortably approachable by almost anyone. Food is a necessity to human nature and fast food industries offer not only fulfilling food but as well as cheap food. Because of such growing food industries, new places open in inhabited areas of fast food restaurant thus brings available jobs to the community. Though so far seen as a grand Utopia for mankind, they still have negative short and long term effects on not only the customer but the whole society. Almost entirely, fast food menus are full of large amounts of fat, sodium, and sugar. Consumers often choose to order more than necessary intakes of these high calorie foods which even increase more calorie intake per extra serving. A huge part of the American diet comes from the fast food industries despite the fact the knowledge of it’s dangerous intake and poor nutritional value that it does give off.
Though we are drawn in by the advertisements, convenience, and catering to the young children.
In a developed America, our society is known to have busy schedules where it’s convenient for a quick pick up at a fast food restaurant. This convenience is clearly known by the industries that produce fast food products and advertisements so they take into account of the

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population’s daily meal intake. How these food industries catch you is portrayed by the more than sufficient locations that a company possesses; one particular fast­food restaurant can be found in every other block; it can be near your house, your school, your children’s school, or the many that reside in many neighborhoods. According to Julia Ransohoff: “there are close to
50,000 fast food chains across the United States, with McDonalds being the largest restaurant chain. In the world, there are more than 500,000 fast food places” (Ransohoff). Because us
Americans are always on the go, these fast food restaurant can easily be accessible through the drive­thrus that they possess. A quick and tasty can be given to a consumer in a matter of minutes, then off you go just like that. These “fast” foods are incredibly quick to prepare compared to making your own meal at home. They are not hard to find regarding it’s abundancy in locations, and there will be no wait. This delineates the convenience that fast food restaurant give to the Americans that need a quick bite.
Through many years of existence, fast food restaurants give off the impression of not only quick and easy, but also cheap. Fine dining and expensive meals at a more pricy restaurant cannot compare to the prices that fast food joints have to offer. Fast food may not be the healthiest food, but its affordable, convenient and large variety in different foods.” “In fact, over
25 percent of Americans consume fast food every day” (Ransohoff). Americans spend at least
100 million dollars on fast food each year which shows how much fast food has influenced the
United States. Because of such an influence of the people, fast food joints have taken over and has taken a toll on the American diet. Even willingly purchasing these products over healthier ones, the price of all these meals are just way cheaper. Example of another marketing tool, cheap goods, cheap drinks, reel in the consumers for more. Value menus have been coexisting with

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these restaurants for such a long time because of it’s price! Burgers, drinks sweets, each for $1 to
$2, such an accessible menu. Compared to fine dining, Americans are likely more affiliated with the convenience that fast food joints can offer due to its convenience.
Though cheap, this marketing technique can’t hook in