Ghost Train Short Story

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This story took place in Sweden near the woods and a railroad yard on a warm Sunday. It is about a 10 year old boy who is spending the day with his father. The father had a day off work and decided to spend it with his son. This story was in a first person perspective through the eyes of the 10 year old boy. The main conflict in this story was Man versus Nature it can be dug even deeper and be called Person versus Fate/God or Person versus Supernatural. The main conflict was the fact that the child didn’t know whether to believe in god or not, his father told him there was a god but he didn’t find peace or truth in that. The story had many events happening throughout it but the turning point was when the “ghost train” passed by and his …show more content…
In this story we realize that there are usually two types of people in this world, people who believe in god or something mightier than any of us could imagine and people who don’t believe in god. In this story the father asks his child “we know there is a god don’t we?” At this moment the son starts to feel lonely and abandoned. The thought of god and how god was everywhere made the son feel uncomfortable. In today’s world Christianity (2.2 billion) and Islam (1.6 billion) are among the top 2 religions both of which require one to believe in a supreme being – god. Islam and Christianity being among the top two, the third most popular “faith” is now atheism. Atheists do not believe in a supreme being and have no religious affiliation (1.1 billion). Non-religious people are a different story, while they might not be practicing religion they usually believe in god. There are also other religions such as Hinduism and Judaism which also believe in god(s) (polytheism and monotheism). From this we see that from out of approximately 7 billion people 1.1 billion of them do not believe in god. This is a pretty big number and it is one that is starting to grow because of the advancements in science people are starting to disregard a supreme being and are starting to believe in the theories of science. While this child is still young you can tell that the child doesn’t feel like