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0/11/12 Fears Paper
Because if I was poor I wouldn’t have a lot of stuff to do, because most things that are fun you need money to do it. I wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep, there’s a possibility of getting raped if I’m living under a bridge. I might have to go to a food shelter, the food would most likely be garbage. I would have no money for education, unless I tried really hard in school to get a scholarship I wouldn’t be able to go to college. People might look at you differently, maybe they feel bad for you, maybe they have no empathy though.

This is not because I come from a family that is rich, or has even been all that well off until recent years. The only times that my parents felt financially comfortable were only probably half of my teenage years. I am not saying that we were ever even below the poverty line. The real problem is that it's not what you actually have that truly counts, but the attitude towards what you don't have. Because of the way I was brought up, I believe I have a fear of being poor. My family in no way is opulent or living a luxurious life. But I believe that the lack of cash really molded me into who I am now.

My family has never went on vacations, we never traveled anywhere, we never even talked about it. I got pretty depressed whenever people would talk about their adventures or summer vacations, and I couldn't add anything except, "Wow, that must be nice"

I was an okay student in elementary school, but I was sick a lot and had migraine headaches. It didn't really become a problem until I was in Junior high and my drive along with my grades sunk to barely passing. It wasn't until