Essay on Federal Government of the United States and New York

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|School of Arts and Humanities |
|POLS210 |
|American Government I |
|3 Credit Hours |
|8 Weeks |
|Prerequisite(s): None |

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|Course Description |

POLS210 American Government I (3 hours)
This is the first course in a two-course sequence in American Government. The course is designed to convey basic facts about the structure and functioning of American political system. The philosophical foundation of the U.S. Constitution is explored and the federalist construct is examined. The functions of the three separate branches of government and their roles in policy making are a major focus.
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|Course Scope |

As a General Education course and the introductory course for a Bachelors degree program in Political Science, the POLS210 course is designed to convey basic facts about the structure and functioning of American government. The student examines the workings of democracy as a governmental and social process. The purpose and scope of this course is to familiarize a student with the analytical tools used within the social science discipline. POLS210 also provides the intellectual foundation for further study in the field of Political Science. Table of Contents
|Course Objectives |

Course Objectives: CO-1 Explain the philosophical basis and functioning of American democracy. CO-2 Describe the historical foundations of the American government. CO-3 Explain the evolution of the U. S. Constitution. CO-4 Describe the types of political participation in a democratic system. CO-5 Explain the power and roles of the three branches of government. CO-6 Define the purpose and functions of the federal bureaucracy. CO-7 Explain the policy-making process in the federal system. CO- 8 Identify the influences on political beliefs and behavior.
Table of Contents
|Course Delivery Method |

This course will offer the student a highly interactive virtual classroom. Each week’s lesson will have a course announcement, assigned readings, a discussion group question based on either course readings or an internet-based project, and lecture notes provided by the instructor. The