Essay Feminism: Gender and Women

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Xi Zheng
English 102
Equality is always a controversial topic all over the world. Most countries think they have achieved equality. But actually, women and girls face diverse barriers to equality. It raises another controversial topic—feminism. The feminist movement was launched a long time ago, but until today, it still not complete. However, according to Emma Watson, who was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UN and gave a speech in UN, feminism has become an unpopular word. Women do not like to say they are feminist, because this expression seems too isolating, anti-men and unattractive even. Then, is the word feminism good or bad?
Both men and women do not directly say feminism is good or bad, but their behaviors show their attitude. Some men do not like to be controlled by women, even though their bosses are women. Why? Because they still believe that men are the center of the world and more powerful than women. Some men would say he is a feminist, because they hope women can help to reduce the pressure from jobs, but actually they do not like people to say they are a feminist in public, since it is so embarrassing. Meanwhile, most women definitely are feminists, but they also don’t like hear people say they are feminists. As showed before, the word feminist is too strong for women to accept.
But for women, it is very common to see that women are generally not treated as equals in the modern world. In many countries, women are looked down upon. In China, it is very difficult for university graduates to find a job, but for female graduates, it is extremely difficult. According to Chinese media reports, the phenomenon of female’s joblessness has become a common phenomenon. Also, women in education and health sectors are poorer than men. Most parents in China think that men should pay attention to their careers and the women should be family-centered. That is why parents support boys to get a higher education and give up their daughters, and push their daughters to get married as soon as possible. In western countries, women are also suffering unequal treatment. Even though females can get jobs as males, but they are not paid the same level as males. Women still are in risk of dismissal, because they might give birth to a child one day. No matter which countries, women still do not have equal rights with men. What I know is all those actions should be ending.
Women should all realize that we have the same rights as men. The society also needs to start to accept feminism. Feminism points to women fight for equality with men, Equality between men and women is the basic goal of feminism. In the fight for equality, women should pay attention to more than just equal rights with men. Women should also show their uniqueness through, self-expression, social effort, and actions. But feminism is not only about women having more rights. It is also new time of women should be more and more independent and get