Essay on Fight for Independence

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Governor Morris, I am compelled to complete my research and write to you of my opinion regarding Independence. As an American citizen, I believe that we have passed the point of reconciliation with Great Britian. They are smothering our country, and soon we will not be able to fight back. From the very first settlement the New World has meant freedom. Freedom from Great Britain. We have fled our countries seeking the comfort provided here in the United States of America. Therefore my question is, why is Great Britain still in control of our country? We strive for independence, and we need it. For those who say that England is our “Mother Country” I call blasphemy upon you. We are not comprised solely of Englishmen, in fact, not even one third of the population are of English descent. We are fools not to fight for our independence, Governor, and I urge you to fight. We have tried, and failed to seek reconciliation with Parliament and with King George, neither force, nor friendship has been successful. Many will say that they believe we should stay at peace, in order to stop the blood shed, but if we don’t fight now, we will have to fight later. We cannot surrender our lives now, for the sake of theirs, for they would not give us the same courtesy. We are wasting our time, producing products for trade to benefit Great Britain, while we should be preparing for war. We are not their slaves and should not be treated as such. Prepare your men, for it is time for war, it is time for independence. You may be among those who believe that Britain is on our side, they want what we want and they feel compelled to protect us. “we have boasted the protection of Great Britain, without considering, that her motive was INTEREST not ATTATCHMENT; and that she did not protect us from OUR ENEMIES on OUR ACCOUNT; but from HER ENEMIES on HER OWN ACCOUNT.” If this is true, then why do they not treat us as a mother would her child, “But Britain is the parent country, say some. Then the more shame upon her conduct. Even brutes do not devour their yound, nor savages make war upon their families.” Britain would like to suppress us into her power, but we cannot let that happen. Sir, we must rise in our own power, and take that independence that is rightfully ours. How simple it is to loathe a monarchy, just for the reasoning that one