Should The Colonists Fight In The Revolutionary War?

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Throughout history, there were various motivational authors who tried to persuade their audience that their beliefs were the most efficient. During the Revolutionary era, American authors such as Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and Phillis Wheatley state their ideas on if the colonists should fight in the war. At the time of the Revolutionary period, American authors significantly influenced the colonists to fight for their independence from Britain by invoking their freedom, belief in God and love for family.
By evaluating the works of American authors, the idea of freedom is conveyed to impact the people to assure their independence. First of all, the purpose of the Revolutionary war, a conflict between the Americans and the Great Britains, was for America to gain their independence from the British. According to Patrick
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In addition, it is stated “we have done everything that could be done...we have petitioned...supplicated...remonstrated...prostrated” (Henry 118). Accordingly, this quote said by Henry illustrate how Americans tried to even with Great Britain for their freedom by giving friendly gesture, but instead ended up in a British gathering their army and betraying America. In continuous, after all the attempts in preventing a war, the options are exhausted and is now time to strike. Since Henry states “There is no longer any room for hope” and “‘Peace, peace’-but there is no peace.”, it is obvious that Henry is trying to persuade the audience by revealing the attempts of the American to prevent war, which did not work. Patrick