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Dropbox 101: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2- The Importance of Dropbox Chapter 3 – Getting Started

Chapter 4 – Discovering the Installed Dropbox Client on Your Computer

Chapter 5 – Exploring Your Dropbox Web Interface Chapter 6: Dropbox on Your Mobile Device Chapter 7: Sharing and Sending Files on Your Dropbox Chapter 8: Get More Free Space

Chapter 1: Introduction
Go from beginner to pro with this time saving guide. Whether you are new to Dropbox or looking for some valuable hacks, this jump start guide will allow you to look effortless in front of coworkers and friends. In this piece you will get the bare bones basics of Dropbox with additional protips at the end of each chapter. Once you get the bare essentials down, read further and try out some of the pro tips in the end of the sections. The guide illustrates the ins and outs of backing up important data, how to utilize third party software with Dropbox and much much more. Don’t scour the internet looking for these invaluable tips, they are all right here!
What is Dropbox?
What is Dropbox? Co-founder Drew Houston calls Dropbox the ‘fabric that connects’ all devices. Instead of keeping track of a USB stick, with limited data storage and the ability to become corrupted over time, Dropbox is a safe and secure way to share and edit files with numerous people. Instead of trying to gather all your data manually, Dropbox is the app that allows your data to follow you everywhere. Since it was founded in 2006, the company has grown from a mere two employees to over 200 employees today in 2014. Over 50 million users depend and trust Dropbox with their data.
It is one of the best cloud databases and is simple to use. Some major corporations use Dropbox like Groupon to edit and exchange files. Dropbox isn’t limited to sharing simple text documents, it’s also great for distributing large pdfs and pixel based artwork. Dropbox has also inspired a lot of third party software developers that will enable you to organize your whole online life. Here in this guide you will learn some great time saving tips. After reading this you will have a new found empowerment in your knowledge about cloud data storage technology. Know that you can share over this network with confidence, because Dropbox claimed nearly one-fifth of the global market for online storage space as of 2011. At the forefront of design, Dropbox was named "Startup of the Year" by TechCrunch in 2012, with past nominations for Webby and Mac Design awards.

How Does Dropbox Work?
How does Dropbox work? Dropbox is a cloud database where people can share documents over a protected connection. Unlike other cloud networks like Google Drive you can’t create new documents within dropbox, but you can upload and share with your collaborators. It is also perfect for organizing large projects within folders and sharing those folders with others. This works best when all parties are connected to Dropbox with a user password but if not no worries. You can also share documents and folders with a link just in case other team members aren’t dropbox savvy. With that link to the folder or document your collaborators can still download and make changes. Dropbox is a great tool for educators and students, clients and contractors, employers and coworkers. It is especially engineered with time sensitive collaborations in mind, making this the essential app that everyone will need in the future of work as we now know it.
Is Dropbox Safe and Free?
In the past Dropbox has had a rocky history of protection practices. Software code upgrades in 2011 briefly removed password protections from user accounts, and an FTC complaint was filed that same year alleging that Dropbox employees could decrypt user files. But now the cloud supports a two step process to verify your identity. Like a lot of web platforms that are password protected, when you setup your account Dropbox asks you to enter