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Storage Switzerland Test Drive
Demonstrates Transporter's Private Cloud
Storage Efficiency over Public Cloud
Solutions Such as Dropbox
Connected Data, the creator of Transporter, today announced initial Storage Switzerland
?Test Drive? results for its production review of the Connected Data Transporter 15.
SANTA CLARA, Calif, April 21, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Connected Data , the creator of Transporter, today announced initial Storage Switzerland “Test Drive” results for its production review of the Connected Data Transporter 15. Transporter, a private cloud storage appliance that allows users to securely sync, access, share and protect data without the use of the cloud, was tested by Storage Switzerland to see if it could be a viable replacement for businesses using Dropbox for their file sharing needs. Results of the “Test Drive” are outlined in the Storage Switzerland article, “Test Drive: Can Businesses Replace Dropbox with
Connected Data’s Transporter.”

The report summarizes the challenges businesses have meeting their file sync and share needs including security, ease of use and cost. For many businesses, the cost of cloud storage is adding up fast. This, compounded with the need for increased security and data privacy, has many business users seeking a low-cost alternative to cloud-based solutions.

“As of April 15th, to purchase 10TBs on Google Drive as an example is $100 per month, that’s
$1,440 per year or $4,320 over the three year minimum which we’d expect a storage system to last,” said George Crump in the Storage Switzerland report. “The list price on the 8TB T15 that we are using is $2,499, a savings of almost $2,000; plus it’s private.”

Data privacy is a top concern for today’s businesses. In fact, according to a research study performed by Harris Interactive, four out of five IT professionals report security problems caused by consumer file sharing and sync services used for company business. Transporter private cloud appliances solve this challenge by delivering the same advantages of a cloudbased file sharing service with the security of a private appliance that is controlled by the user.

For Storage Switzerland, the advantages of Transporter have delivered real world benefits.
“So far the project is a success and we have not stored any data in a public cloud service since March 1st,” said Crump in the test report. “We’ve shared audio and video files with clients with no problems at all. Our goal is to be 100% consolidated and out of the cloud by the end of May. If you are a small to medium sized business looking to solve the Dropbox problem, Connected Data’s Transporter 15 and 30 deserve a hard look.”

“No business wants to be tied to costly services they can’t control,” said Jim Sherhart, vice president of marketing, Connected Data. “With Transporter,