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Shirley Chisholm, Equal Rights for Women (May 21, 1969)
Women in the workforce have been discriminated in the past. Women were fighting for equal rights. At that time women haveprejudiced. For example, at the time of 1969, only 2 percent of women engaged managerial spots. Bearing in mind the fact that there are about 3 ½ million more women in the United States than men. Some women are not aggressive in challenging their rights, but at the same time there are many that do.
In the article, Equal Rights for Women (May 21,1969), Representative Shirley Chisholm discusses about how women shouldn’t be discriminated against because numerousof women are very equally balanced in the sense they have the same attributes to men. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but you get the point. She uses examples as a persuasive tool. She points out the flaws women may have, but she also tells us their strong points. At the time men anticipated women were dissimilar and they do not have executive ability orderly minds, stability, leadership skills, and that they are too emotional for higher position jobs. The message she depictsinfluences me for different reasons. For one, she describes the hardships women have had in the past. That they couldn’t have the same openings as men just because of their sex. In addition, women who did not adapt to the system, who tried to break with the accepted patterns, are known as “odd” and “unfeminine”. The fact is that a woman desires to be chairman of the board, or a member of the house for the same reason any men would.
During this era of sufferings for both women and African Americans, I sincerely believe that Rep. Chisholm could have been recognized as a trailblazer for them. Reason being is because for one she won seat in the New York Assembly in 1964. Four years later she ran successfully for congress. She was the first both black woman elected to Congress. She had opposed the Vietnam War and insisted that the money shouldn’t go towards the war, but to spend it on enemies. These enemies included racism, poverty, and a lack of education. Our county is indebted for her fierce