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This case study highlights the story of a young professional woman, Suzan, who has always admired her father’s work. She had the same feelings as his father did toward high technology, particularly biotechnology data modeling software.
She was awarded a diploma with honors in Computer Science at North Carolina State University where she also was involved in the young entrepreneur club on campus.
She finally decided to create her own company with two classmates. MegaCity Software developed software used by specialists in order to extract data in real estate.
It was immediately a huge success on the market thanks to the launch of the first product, MegaMine 2.0. “Sales and revenue have been growing at greater than 100% year to year”.
Thanks to this breathtaking entrance on the market, the three associates had to think about a viable business strategy for the company. None of the three associates have a background in business though. They have unquestionable technical skills in technology but it was impossible for these three associates to develop and to think about a global business plan and strategy for the company. However this business strategy vision was obviously necessary to remain on the market.
That’s why Suzan decided to rely on a strategic consulting company (XP Consulting Services) to advise her top management team. They all agreed for additional growth around the MegaMine product.

The main problem that faced MegaCity Software company was the total lack of structure to successfully complete their development project.
The meeting between XP Consulting Services and MegaCity Software was helpful in developing the business strategy, but that wasn’t enough.
We can observe that the employees have no precise idea about what they have to do in order to develop the MegaMine product. The tasks were not clear at all. For example, what is the delivery time? What do they want to become, and how they are going to get there? etc. In the meanwhile, many projects were under development at the same time and no deadlines were adhered to.
On top of that, the development team was also working at the same time on an other project, a