Fire Prevention Essay

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Fire prevention is a term being heard more and more today in America. It is starting to become a standard in today’s fire departments. Fire has the ability to keep us warm and also has the ability to make us homeless. As we grow as community and the technology changes, Fire Prevention needs to be made more of a necessity in our homes today. More homes are being built out of lighter material along with being built closer and closer together. Each can lead to extreme destruction, homes being lost, people being displaced, and even death. Why should we not protect homes and defend them against an enemy that can attack at any minute? Fire prevention needs to start in the home and then be carried onward in our lives. There are very …show more content…
It was noted on the Phoenix city website that “As many as 90 percent of the deaths in residential fires could have been prevented by using sprinkler systems.” The premise of installing fire sprinklers in residential housing is that on average, a good response time of a Fire Department is 4 minutes from the initial call. Before the Fire Department gets called, the residents still need to realize there is a fire, and get out. It could take up to 11 minutes before the first water is put on the fire. Once the Fire Department arrives on scene, their hoses use more than 8 ½ times the water then sprinklers do to contain a fire. On the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website it states that “According to the Scottsdale Report, a 15-year study of fire sprinkler effectiveness, a fire sprinkler uses, on average, 341 gallons of water to control a fire. Firefighters, on average, use 2,935. Reduced water damage is a major source of savings for homeowners.” Fire Sprinklers are now made to only discharge when and where it is needed and to stop when the need is no longer. Homeowners need to realize that fire could happen to anyone at anytime. I think it is stated best on the City of Phoenix‘s website; “Nearly everyone in the United States will have a fire in his or her lifetime. Almost everyone knows someone who will die or be injured in a fire. The people who consider themselves immune from fire are the very ones