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Domestic Fires.” National Dangers. Georgia Line, 23 Jan. 1/‌/‌09. Web. 23 Aug. 2011. <>. Fire fighters spend much of their time at fire stations, which are usually similar to dormitories. When an alarm sounds, fire fighters respond, regardless of the weather or hour. Fire fighting involves a high risk of death or injury. Common causes include floors caving in, walls toppling, traffic accidents, and exposure to flame and smoke. Fire fighters also may come into contact with poisonous, flammable, or explosive gases and chemicals and radioactive materials, all of which may have immediate or long-term effects on their health. For these reasons, they must wear protective gear that can be very heavy and hot. I learned a lot of information from this piece, tells me a little bit more about what firefighters deal with. This will be very useful to me, in my Senior Project.

Ellyn, Glen Lewis. “How to Become a Firefighter.” Academic Programs. College of DuPage, 2 Mar. 3/‌/‌. Web. 24 Aug. 2011. <‌programsDegrees//>. Firefighters today do much more than fight fires. They provide rescue services, handle hazardous chemical emergencies and conduct fire prevention, investigation and inspection activities. Firefighters also do most of the cleaning and maintenance work required to keep their tools, equipment, buildings and apparatus ready for immediate response. Many Illinois communities depend on their fire departments to provide emergency medical services and sometimes ambulance services. If you become a firefighter, you will be assigned to a team, called a “company,” that provides some or all of these services. This information was not very helpful to me. I have already read, and learned about this.

“FireFighters.” Bureau of Labor Statistic. United States Dept. of Labor, 17 Dec. 2009. Web. 22 Aug. 2011. <‌ocos329.htm>. During duty hours, fire fighters must be prepared to respond immediately to a fire or other emergency. Fighting fires is complex and dangerous and requires organization and teamwork. At every emergency scene, fire fighters perform specific duties assigned by a superior officer. At fires, they connect hose lines to hydrants and operate a pump to send water to high-pressure hoses. Some carry hoses, climb ladders, and enter burning buildings, using systematic and careful procedures, to put out fires. This information is very useful to me, because it gives me a little of an idea how Firefighters work. This information will help me in my research to describe to people what firefighters do. “Fire Information.” Fire Nation. Golden South, 11 Apr. 4/‌/‌2008. Web. 25 Aug. 2011. <>. Fire marshals and fire inspectors work to prevent fires. They conduct building inspections. They make sure that laws about fire safety are followed. They also work with builders and city planners. They often visit schools to teach fire safety. Fire investigators study fires to see how they started. They collect evidence from the scene and talk to witnesses. Fire fighters live at fire stations much of the time. Most fire stations have living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. When the alarm sounds, fire fighters must respond rapidly. Fire fighting is dangerous work. During a fire, floors can cave in and walls can topple. Flames and smoke can burn or kill. Fire fighters may come in contact with poisonous gases or other hazardous materials. To protect themselves, fire fighters wear protective gear which can be heavy and hot. Many fire fighters work more than 50 hours a week. Their hours are often longer and more varied than the hours of other workers. In some agencies, fire fighters can be on duty for 24 hours straight. This section is very helpful to me. This would be great in my project. “Fire Safety.” Kids Zone. Rescue 1, 5 Oct. 10/‌/‌2006. Web. 25 Aug. 2011. <>. -