First Generation American Citizens

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I want to know if my students are first-generation American citizens. I want to know what their native language is and what language they speak at home with their parents/families. If my students are first-generation citizens, I want to know what country they came from. It would also be important to know how fluent they and their parents are in their native language if they aren't first-generation American citizens or simply speak another language. By knowing this information, I can help create activities that will make connections to their native language and offer students cognates if necessary. Making these connections and providing them with cognates will help them grasp and truly understand new vocabulary. Learning my students' home language …show more content…
This is important because it will tell me how much their parents will be able to assist them with what they are learning/scaffold. If their parent only has an elementary-level education from their native country, it will be a lot more difficult for them to help their children with math, reading, processing, and problem solving. I will then know how much support the students will need to help them understand the concepts. I also want to look at their state test scores and CELDT test scores to determine how they performed in mathematics, as well as find out their levels of proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This will help me identify the specific area/s they struggle and/or excel in, and allow me to accommodate their needs. Some more information I want to know is how many years the student has been learning English. If a student is in their first year of learning English, they need more support and accommodations than someone who is labeled early advanced or advanced in language acquisition. I also want to know what the students' literacy level is in his/her native language or in English. If a student isn't literate in their native language, it can make it more difficult for them to learn a new language and transfer their language skills