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Outline for the Power Point Presentation Project. (this can also be found in the Assignments folder) Here is a general outline. However, you do not have to adhere to this exactly. For instance, if you wanted to present a few inter-related studies, you could do that, or if you wanted to involve your classmates into participating during your talk, you could do that as well. Please feel free to be creative, as long as your presentation is logically coherent and well organized, and explains the molecular/biological mechanisms involved.
1) Name of your company and of your presentation (if they are different/ or you can have just one title)
2) Introduction: give background information relating to your company (ex. what was your motivation for choosing this company, summary of what your company does, the types of products that it makes, the type of diseases that it aims to treat)
4)Scientific Background: introduce the scientific concept. here you might want to have diagram(s) of a pathway, or/and a protein or a gene or a disease discussed in the business section of your company. The more science you can explain the higher is your grade.
5) Results: Explain one figure from the S-1 or the press release from the company or find a figure relating to the scienctific research behind the products/idea of your company. Does your company make any products, discuss what FDA approval phases that the products are in. Are there any products on the market? What were the outcomes of the studies related to the products? Was the research done in animal models or human volunteers participating in a clinical trial?
6) Conclusions: List 3