Fishing Sustainability Essay

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Overfishing, fishing when using practices over a certain limit, is the new problem for the outside of one’s environment. These actions are decreasing fish populations, including the demand for sharks. If we do not become sustainable, a way of living during the present time to help our future generations, during this era, our future will be under harsh conditions. We need to find new outcomes with the help of the government. The three ways the government can make fishing sustainable include: using marine reserves, increasing cost of supply, and finding new marine organisms that are able to reproduce quickly. The government can help future generations sustainable by requiring marine reserves in fisheries. Marine reserves are areas that allow fishing to improve fisheries, yet they are also made to preserve entire ecosystems with humans interfering. For example, a team focused on reserves off the coasts of Florida and the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. After three years of visual surveys of fish expansion, they learned that these fish populations-including snappers, grunts, and groupers-had tripled inside these reserves and doubled outside of them. If fish populations keep increasing, marine reserves will help fishermen to keep their employment for the future and help marine organisms reproduce quicker making our fishing practices a positive outcome. If the government were able to increase the cost of buying marine organisms in stores, which has occurred over time throughout the years, this would help marine organisms become sustainable in the long term. To demonstrate, if a consumer buys salmon more than snappers, then fishermen will want to capture the salmon population more. But if the government demands stores to increase the price of purchasing one specific species, then this new demand will create benefits. One particular benefit includes that consumers will begin to find new products to purchase from the seafood aisle, which will give the chance for fishermen the expand their possibilities in fishing other species, that will then make one population increase yet also make other populations, including the first population that was almost endangered, even out with low populations. Even though this idea may decrease an ecosystem as a whole, this will also keep one population from going