Fitting in together perfectly Essay

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“The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist...” (Bioshock Infinite) This is a quote that doesn’t really say anything about me, I just thought this was one of the more interesting things I wouldn’t have heard if I had gone down the initial path in my life and I am sure glad I did get to hear it, not because it’s interesting but because of everything else I got after straying from that initial path. I gained more than I had lost but what I did lose was at the time the only thing I had. Going into seventh grade at Walnut Hills I was bringing with me the friends I already know, and prepared to make some new ones. As the first semester goes on I do make a few new friends and some of the old didn’t make the transfer from the old school and some dropped out of Walnut only leaving me and a few others. I didn’t talk to the ones that weren’t there very much, only seeing them once or twice more. One day I was sitting outside doing homework, waiting for my ride and texting some friends on my little old flip phone, and this group of people, all older than me, stood around about twenty feet away from where I was sitting. All of them were incredibly unique and different from each other, and from all different grades, ranging from ninth grade to being a senior. They just stood around, talking, joking, laughing, and just having a good time. Then I heard them talking about something I knew about and I threw in a comment, well, after that they just included me in their conversation, I closed my phone and threw it into my backpack. In that one day after school I got to know all thirteen of them, all of them with drastically different personalities fitting perfectly