Food Deserts: A Case Study

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What if you lived in a world where no nutritious value was available, no fresh fruits, no vegetables, only fatty filled, greased up, dare to be called “food”. Sounds horrifying but this is a reality for many people across the world, across America and across Tennessee. Ask yourself, what did you have for breakfast today? Was it eggs you cooked up yourself maybe with a side of toast you picked up from the grocery or was it the biscuit from the the drive through down the road. Many people do not realize they are living in a food desert. A food desert is commonly known as an urban area where it is difficult to obtain or buy good quality fresh food(insert citation). By looking at the Tennessee area we are surrounded by restaurants, from fine dining to drive through, the problem with that is the food that we are able to obtain for the right price is often not the fresh quality our bodies need to be healthy and this is so important because the …show more content…
Some of these areas have a super market less than three miles away but many residents of the area do not have a vehicle or any transportation at all. Along with no transportation many do not have the proper money needs to purchase the food. In the spring of 2013 the Knoxville county food policy council(KKCFPC) recognized food access issues for city and county residents; they also recognized economic and food system developments as important as health and economic issues in Knoxville.(Knox Notes and recommendations were taken during a sit in of the KKCFPC, many expressed their thoughts and fixes to the problems at hand. Some of the solutions included improving connections between producers and consumers. Along with or without the connections consumers should not have to suffer bad health choices due to their financial state. Healthy options should be made available for