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The sport of football and some insight on the rules
Football is seen as a male sport because it is reckless, aggressive, and dangerous. The game is really fun but the only catch is to play by the rules so that you and the other players can be safe. Some of the things that are not supposed to be done are hold the player of the other team. Another thing you should not do is being on the other side of the line of discrimage when the quarterback says hike. The game itself is really easy to understand and fun if the players follow the rules. The game of football requires some special requirements. For example, there need to be two opposite teams (one on each side).
For each rule that is broken there is a certain consequence for the team that broke it. For example, when a player from team A roughs the passer from team B then team B gets to go five yards front from their current position. The consequence helps the opposite team and it is hard for the defensive to stop the offensive team. Sometimes by doing some of the penalties you avoid a big play. For example, if an offensive player holds a defensive player they will most likely do it to stop the quarterback from getting sacked. When a quarterback gets sack the team looses yards and is harder to score a touchdown. This is also an example of how rules affect how the game is played.
To play the game of football and make it fun you will need two teams one that’s an offensive and a defensive team. The offensive team tries to go for the touchdown while the defensive holds the offense back. The offense has some players in a line and that line is in front of the quarterback. The lines job is to hold off the players trying to tackle the quarterback. The quarterback is like the star of the team or the leader because he has to make decisions almost like a coach but in the game.
There is a rule that most of the fullbacks break mostly is holding. Holding is when the fullback holds the defensive end to avoid the quarterback from getting tackled. Some players do it when needed and others use it as leverage. That is why their needs to be some rules implemented into the games.…