Football Persuasive Speech

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How would you feel if you notice your son having memory loss or mood swings all because a sport? Football has been around for decades now and is one of the most played sports in the US. Although football is a rough sport it can teach plenty of attributes like leadership and sportsmanship. But are they worth your kid having severe head injuries? I would not give my son permission to play football because it causes concussion, it can also lead to long term severe injuries, and finally Pro football leads players into addictions of drugs. First of all, football consists of taking hits to the head or body and it doesn't matter the position you play. Defense or offense you get hit or you hit and all the hits eventually add up. Although you were pads and helmets it's not enough to prevent you from getting injured. Taking hits every game to the head it
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Although this is more towards pro football some college student have been tested positive for drug use. You can say some players use drugs to numb the pain that football causes them. Although some use drugs like steroids to gain muscle faster or to better their performance on the field. According to google, in the NFL the use of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs are not allowed. The league began to check players since 1987 and if found positive players are given suspensions for certain amounts of time. I wouldn’t ever want my son to fall into the use in drugs over a sport or career if pro. Although some argue that allowing your son to play football allows him to have a career if talented enough. Or some argue that football allows them to gain leadership qualities and help develop them into a young responsible adult. I still wouldn’t let my son play because there are different ways to accomplish this. Football is an exciting sport and I enjoy watching it but the risks of playing aren't worth my son being