For The Security And Confidential Information Of Payroll Information

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Project 1

For the security and confidential information of payroll information for our company the following procedures will be put in place:
All payroll documents will be locked away in a secure filing cabinet or system in a secure location in the payroll area, the payroll software and systems will have password access with only authorised staff being aware of the passwords which will be changed at the end of each month, all computer screens have been moved so that they are not visible so that no unauthorised personnel can view any information, all authorised staff are to log off the payroll system when leaving their computer for any reason, all authorised staff will be completing training on security and confidentially prior to being allowed access to the system and all authorised staff will undergo back checks before being accepted to work in payroll.

We will put some control measures into place so that we make sure the integrity, security and confidentiality of the payroll information will be upheld.
These control measures put in place to ensure that all data and information completed by payroll is correct and accurate:
Timesheets being checked by manager before being processed, employees signing off timesheets so that they are stating that it is correct, delegating duties for example having the manager check the timesheet and authorise it, the payroll member to process the information and the manger of payroll to cross check records, passwords and restricted access so that only the authorised personnel can access the system and so that only certain transactions can be completed without management approval, pre-employment checks will be completed on all staff.

The information provided is kept as prescribed by Fair work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009.
Under the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009 our company must include the following:
The company name and ABN.
Employees name.
The date of payment
The pay period beginning and end dates
The gross and net amount of payment
Any loadings, monetary allowances, bonuses, incentive based payments, penalty rates, or any other identified entitlements paid.

Moving forward the types of taxation that needs to be withheld &