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to: readers from: Vicente Miranda subject: Merging date: January 17, 2013 cc: -------------------------------------------------

I would like to announce that intends to merge with cannon cameras so we can try and save you some money on discounted items. We at believe by doing this we can offer you better cameras to you at a better cost we also want to offer any other photography equipment we have at wholesale prices. We would like to offer you different camera equipment such as 1 8 mm and Super 8 mm film Projectors, 1.1 Regular 8 mm projectors, 1.2 Dual 8 mm (Super 8 mm and Regular 8 mm) projectors, 1.3 Super 8 mm projectors, 2.1 SLR cameras, 2.1.1 FL-mount SLR, 2.1.2 FD-mount SLR, F series, A series, T series, 2.1.3 EOS 2.2 Digital SLR cameras, 2.3 35 mm compact cameras, 2.4 35 mm compact half-format cameras, 2.5 35 mm rangefinder cameras, 2.5.1 Regular 8 mm cameras, 2.5.2 Single 8 mm cameras, 2.5.3 Super 8 mm cameras, 2.5.4 16mm cameras, 2.6 Digital compact cameras\, 2.6.1IXUS/IXY/Power Shot ELPH series, 2.6.2 Canon Power shot digital cameras, Power shot A series, Power Shot D series, Power Shot E series, Power Shot G series, Power Shot Pro series, Power Shot S series, Power Shot T series, 2.7 Camcorders, 3.1 Canon Word tank, 4 Portable flash, 4.1 E line, 4.2 EG line, 4.3 EX line, 4.4 EZ line, 4.5 T line, 4.6 Macro flashguns, 4.7 Remote flash…