Franklin d. Roosevelt and President Herbert Hoover Essay

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In the years of the Great Depression many people of the Unites States had been suffering with poverty. In this time period President Franklin D. Roosevelt has been thought to be a liberal to which is partially true and President Herbert Hoover has been seen as a conservative. People had been losing jobs, being homeless, not getting enough money to support their family which led everyone to a Great Depression. Both of these Presidents tried to better the time of the Great Depression in some kind of way so people could have bettered their life situations. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had created many programs in order for unemployed people to gain jobs. President Hoover is thought to be a conservative for the little that he does to try to change the government as it was. He states, “The very essence of equality of opportunity and of America individualism is that there shall be no domination by any group or combination in this republic, whether it be business or political (Doc A)” to this he means that he will try and protect our country so it can be like past practice. President Hoover believes that the people should be the ones who will solve their own conflicts and will go and find jobs on their own. He doesn’t want the government to change how it was. President Hoover says in a statement to the press, “… I would no more see starvation amongst our countrymen than would any senator or congressman. I Have faith in the American people that such a day will not come Doc C). In that quote Hoover just like anyone else wouldn’t like to see people starve but he also doesn’t want to involve the government in helping the people. President Hoover is seen as a conservative for his idea of not changing past practice. Just as President Hoover is a conservative, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is thought to be a liberal for his effort to change past practice and better the American nation. President Franklin created many programs that the people of America benefited in the time of the Great Depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt says in a speech, Syracuse, New York “… Who is there in America who believes that we can run the risk of turning back our government to the old leadership which brought it to the brick of 1933? (Doc G), he wants the government to help the people and change the government. He says that with changing world comes a changing time to adjust it to the injustice of what is going on. He is trying to be the country we live in and is helping out the people who